Telework tools

6 tools for                 telework         work from home         that I use every day

By: Laura Chaves

6 tools for         telework    work from home         that I use every day

By: Laura Chaves

In recent months the whole world has undergone great changes, thousands of people have gone from getting up early in the morning to work meetings via Zoom with pajama bottoms and all this due to the health crisis that we are experiencing.

Since I’ve been a freelance designer, teleworking has become my day to day, so I can say that I have a couple of years of experience in this field, and with the passage of time I’ve been adjusting and perfecting my work system. So, in this post I’m going to tell you about the tools that I use in my day to day as a web designer and developer to telework.


My favorite platforms and tools for teleworking

In addition to telling you which are my favorite tools and platforms for teleworking, I’m going to propose different alternatives for each of them.

Google Calendar

Telework tools

The first teleworking tool I want to talk to you about is Google Calendar, with which you can organize all your tasks by days, weeks or months.

It has several calendars, so you can create as many as you need. In addition, you can choose the available view (day, week, month, year, agenda and 4 days) and choose to see or not the holidays in your country (we all love having our rest days at hand lol).

It is a free tool and you only need a Google account to access.’


Telework tools

Trello is a project management platform that allows you to work collaboratively and increase your productivity.

In my case, I use it to organize the different projects that I have active at all times.

What I do is create a dashboard for each job / client and add all the tasks that I have to perform. As I complete them, I mark them as finished and thus I have control of the project at all times.

You can even share the dashboards with your clients or colleagues so that they can follow the evolution as well.

Google Drive / Dropbox

Telework tools

They’re two platforms to share documents with third parties, edit them between several people and work as a team.

I use them, for example, to save estimates and send them to clients, store documents and presentations, keep all my work materials organized, etc.

The one I use the most of the two on a day-to-day basis is Google Drive, but I also use Dropbox in a complementary way.

Without a doubt, its main advantage is the option to share documents (images, texts, presentations, PDFs, templates, etc.) with anyone.

In addition, if you also use Calendar and Gmail, you’ll have everything linked in your Google account.


Telework tools

It is the platform that I use when I’ve to send large files, such as videos, photos or presentations with a great weight and resolution (always avoid sending this type of files by mail).

Its operation is very simple. You just have to enter their website, select the files you want to send, add your email, the person you want to receive them and the message you want to include.

And ready! The recipient will receive an email with a link to download the files, it’s easy and very practical.


Telework tools

It’s the platform that I use to make video calls with coworkers, suppliers and clients.

It allows group meetings with a maximum of 4 participants. It has chat, possibility to record the session and share the screen.

It i’ile, as it does not require registration or any installation. You simply have to share your personalized link (to the person (s) who will participate in the meeting).

Alternatives: Hangouts, Zoom, Skype, Collabify.


Telework tools
It’s one of the tools that I use the most to record my screen and send tutorials to clients, answer questions or make reviews of projects.

Loom allows you to record your screen (and audio), choosing three recording options:

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