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Thanks a lot for your order!

Hi! I really appreciate you interest on my services and will take care of doing all on my hands to be deliver great results.

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The next step will be:

  1. I’ll get in contact with you by the email you used to make your purchase to start.
  2. Some brainstorming to get creative ideas and we will make a list of these ideas and I will get to work.
  3. If you already know exactly what you would like to have please ping me in instagram with a text describing it as detailed as possible, add images or send to me any file you would consider relevant.
  4. If you have a brand book with your company logo, typographies, etc, send it to me, any format is going to work but I’ll really appreciate if you send your adobe illustrator files, it makes the work faster and more efficient.
  5. After that I’ll be able to work on your gifs! I’ll keep close communication in order to get as much feedback as possible and get better results.
  6. And just as a reminder: Giphy verification takes up to 8 days and will only be effective if you have an email with your own domain.