Canva pro review

Canva Pro

Is it worth the

subscription or not?

By: Laura Chaves

Canva Pro

Is it worth

the subscription

or not?

By: Laura Chaves

Canva, one of the world’s most famous design tools. A free, easy and accessible way to design anything. From photos in fun formats, e-books and banners to covers and posts for social media and everything in between. As a web designer and social media account manager who is also active on social media, I have used Canva for a long time. I also had the paid version. In other words: Canva Pro. Now some people close who know that I have experience with Canva ask me if that really has added value, that subscription pays. Response time. Canva Pro: is it worth the money or not?


What is Canva?

Canva is an online graphics program in which you can easily create all kinds of visual templates. Some kind of basic Photoshop. Canva makes it incredibly easy with a huge database of ready-to-use templates that you can convert to your own style in no time. Here is an overview of what you can do with this online design tool and for what purpose:

Social Media

Canva is packed with many social media templates. Everything for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest is already done for you, including the right formats and attractive designs. For example, here you can see the posts I make in Canva for Pinterest!

Create your logo

Canva is certainly not a logo maker, but with the thousands of ready-made designs and photos, you can use this online design tool as a starting point for your logo. For when you’re just starting out in business, for example. I would always outsource your official logo that matches your brand perfectly to a professional and not do it myself.

Canva to your business

Canva brings a lot of fun to your business. Consider creating e-books, business cards, brochures, invoices, invitations, book covers, tickets, event schedules, coupons, planners, and much more. And you can fully design everything in the style of your own home.

Also, Canva has many nice designs for marketing material, for example for ads on Facebook, Instagram or as a banner on your website. And you can also design mood panels with it. Even if you want printed materials, like business cards, you can keep it simple.


An infographic is an illustration (in the form of an image) that shows certain information in a playful way. An infographic integrates text, icons and images and is used to convey information quickly and clearly. With Canva you can create great infographics or informational posters.

To your blog

Most blogs have a header photo and it is best to always post it in the same format. So that the overview of your blog looks good. With Canva this is very easy: create a template in a certain format and use your photo with a new blog. Download this and you will always have your header photo in the same format.

Daily life

Canva pro

The differences between the free version of Canva and Canva Pro

Personally, I’m particularly satisfied with the following Canva Pro features:

Change your design to any size. This isn’t possible in the free version and you really couldn’t live without it. Resize a template without having to create it from scratch. When downloading your design, you can also change the quality of the download, a great feature.

The brand kit. Gee how useful this is, all the colors I use together, also for client designs or for the other websites I have. No more searching or manually entering colors. You can also save fonts here. And because the paid version offers many more fonts, you’ll never have to search through those thousands of fonts again, but what you need is always ready in your Brand Kit. Save tons of time.

Unlimited number of folders. When I was still using Canva for free, I kept scrolling through my designs and looking for what I wanted to edit. Now I can create as many folders as I want, it’s really nice to organize everything neatly and not have to spend 10 minutes searching each time. With the free version you have 2 folders at your disposal.

Being able to remove the background from a photo. This is a fairly new feature, so you can take something out of a photo to put a new background. Useful!

Save a photo with a transparent background. I can no longer do without this feature. With this you can, for example, save a logo or other photo without the white background behind it. Essential when creating a website.

In addition to these functions that I use with great gratitude, Canva Pro also gives you access to thousands of templates, stock photos, and icons. With the free version you can’t use much; With the paid version you no longer have to take this limitation into account. You can also save your designs as animation, for example to make GIFs.

Here you will find all the Canva Pro functions clearly arranged, compared to the free version.

How much does Canva Pro cost?

You can always use Canva for free if you don’t need the extras that Canva Pro offers. If you want those extras, pay $ 9.95 per month. That is $ 119.4 per year.

Canva's paid version: is it worth the money or not?

For me: it’s worth the money! I’ve worked with Canva for years in college and with Canva Pro for almost a year at my job, and I couldn’t live without the paid version anymore. Also, I also think that it is not expensive at all for what you get. Canva is definitely one of my favorite online tools that I use.

However, everyone has different needs. Not sure between the free version and Canva Pro? With the list below, I hope to make your choice easier.

Upgrade to Canva Pro or not?

Do you need a one-time payment design? So there is no need to subscribe, but it’s better to pay for that design only. You can also pay for individual items (a photo or an icon, for example). If you need it constantly, switching to the paid version is cheaper, but if you want to use a paid design once or twice, I would say it’s good to stick with Canva for free. Or choose the 30-day trial period and cancel on time.

Don’t you use Canva very often and only for simple designs? For example, only for your Instagram posts? Even then the paid version is not necessary. Free Canva offers almost everything you need to create beautiful designs.

Do you frequently design with a specific corporate identity? Then Canva Pro is definitely recommended. In any case for professionals like web designers, designers and entrepreneurs who do a lot with social media. Or if you regularly make several designs for your company. In this case, the update will save you a lot of time and effort. Simply organizing your templates by project and using your corporate identity directly will save you 10 minutes every time you start designing.

Are you busy with layouts for various social media channels on a specific corporate identity? Even then, Canva Pro is a good idea. He’s actively creating designs for various social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. This can save half your time by resizing your design with the click of a button. Instead of having to recreate the same layout for every social media channel.

Do you work in a team of designers? Then Canva Enterprise can help. This gives you access to collaboration tools, extensive support, and much more. Enterprise costs $ 30 per team member per month. Click on the link for more information.

If you still can’t figure it out, the easiest way to find out if Canva Pro is for you is to try it yourself.

Try Canva Pro free for 30 days. You don’t risk losing your money – if it’s not for you, just cancel your subscription before the 30-day trial period ends.

Do you use Canva for your designs? Free or paid? Or are you a fan of another design tool?

I am Laura Chaves creative, blogger and professional web designer for ambitious entrepreneurs.

My mission is to provide you with tools for you to develop a professional and reliable image and communication to make your business increase its visibility online.

Here I talk about the topics that I am passionate about, design, marketing, SEO and web development and a bit of my experience as a freelancer, always aspiring to add value on the way to making your dreams come true.

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